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The Team

Who We Are

At Studio X we work closely with our clients changing what we do from working to assisting.



Engineer & Producer

Powerz is an avid and experienced musician with an ear for creativity, quality and uniqueness as a producer, songwriter and engineer. Being able to draw inspiration and influence from all types of sources, Powerz will push collaborators and clients alike to their furthest creative abilities and even further beyond. 

J Dibbz

Producer & Engineer

J Dibbz, a #1 UK charting producer and engineer from east London, who’s worked with some of the biggest artist and producers from the UK. His first introduction to producing was from the age 11, using the daw “garage band” and from there developed his skills into the producer he is today. After learning how to produce J Dibbz began mastering the engineering side of music and has been a professional engineer for the past 4 years. 

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